Sunday, March 29, 2015

Netflix Streaming in Canada. Strengths and suggestions for improvement streaming is affordable at $9CAD/month for unlimited streaming.
The quality is fine, and watching it on the Wii makes it really easy.  Watching on the Apple TV offers better quality (I'd recommend Apple TV).

Room for Improvement.
*1. Allow a shopping cart / list of movies to watch so folks can make note of movies they'd like to watch another time and "set them aside".
*2. allow  a "cancel" option on the "skip ahead screen" for those cases where I click on something and can't get back to the point in the movie I was at.
3. (allow categories of my own creation) instead of the auto-magically created ones. (films with a strong female lead...) Films like the Princess Bride...
*4. allow profiles within an account so that when my kids watch Barney and Dora the Explorer, Netflix doesn't start suggesting  "Greg's picks" like "the wiggles" or "wonder pets".  I want plots with a twist, compelling character development and innovative story telling...  Having more than one person in my family essentially wastes  the intelligent recommendation engine Netflix has developed.
Thanks Netflix
5. It isn't clear if Netflix shows me the entire collection, or if I'm seeing a "favourites list".  It should be more obvious...??
*6. Put a volume control on the netflix interface for Wii.   People already have the wii-mote in their hands, don't make them search for another remote.
7. I don't want to see the same show/movie listed in every list you show me.  It creates the impression you only have 100 movies.  (apply a "don't re-use" rule in suggestions).

Netflix Advantages..
1. It really is "instant"  I only have to wait a couple seconds for any of the movies or shows to start.
2. Netflix usually remembers where i left off with a movie so I can resume.
3. the movies are pausable, so it behaves like a PVR, I can go back to catch quiet dialogue or epic finales.
4. The value is really good.  For the price of 2 movie rentals a month I can watch limitless TV shows and movies from Netflix catalogue.  Given the price of gas and the tyranny of "late fees" the value is exceptional.

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