Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saving Energy

The energy we use costs us money, and requires  effort to produce. It also has an environmental cost when you consider how energy is produced, transported and consumed. Using energy is more expensive in all these terms than not using energy. Conserving energy represents the best of both worlds. Having energy to use to benefit our lives, and being judicious in its use so as to minimize any negative effects of energy use.Here are some energy conservation suggestions:   

  • Coast in traffic. Most modern vehicles will retain their speed if you lift your foot from the accelerator. (older carbeurated cars decellerated). Anticipate what is happening ahead of you, ahead of the car ahead of you, ahead of that car etc. When you see red lights, get off the gas.

  • Wash your hands with cold water (no energy to heat the water).

  • Heat water using a microwave when possible, rather than using a pot on a stove.

  • If heating something in a pot on a stove, use a lid to keep heat in.

  • Put insulation on the hot water pipe coming out from your hot water tank, to help the hot water in the pipe retain its heat.

  • Don’t drink pop from a can, the refining of the aluminum uses lots of energy. Drink water instead as it does not need to be transported. Don’t drink bottled water as in most areas the water supplied by the municipality is of equal or better quality than water that is wrapped in plastic and carried in a truck

  • Carry a water bottle with a lid, so you don’t have to use paper cups, or ceramic cups that need to be washed out. A water bottle that is continually refilled and used is fine for a 5 day work week, if you purpose to wash it on the weekend. Also you won’t contribute to the wasteful production and disposal of paper cups.